a quick way to actually love your neighbor as you would your self.

Feel free to plagiarize this today:

Hey friend/Sue/sister/Jim/dude-

You’ve been on my mind this week/last night/for the past month.

It’s been about a month/year/decade

since your dad died/since you changed jobs/ since we last talked/ since you set out on that cool quest/since you gave up on that quest that was killing you.

I’ve been wondering how you are feeling/how your courage is after the surgery/ how it feels now that you’ve been training for this long / what you miss most about your dad.

I’m sending/ordering/bringing

a gift card for coffee us to use together / the crescent wrench I borrowed and never returned /the daisies you like/ a letter of recommendation to the writer you’ve always wanted to meet.

And I finally put away my tools/fixed the fence that let our dogs into your yard / tore down the fence that got built between us/ realized you were right/ admitted to everyone else that you were right and that I had been wrong about you.

I’ll be in town next month/at church next week/home in a couple days/on your porch when you read this.

I hope you are doing well/we can laugh again/ you can tell me stories about your mom/you are safe.

As always I love you/ I’m talking to God about you/ I’m cheering for you.


2 thoughts on “a quick way to actually love your neighbor as you would your self.

  1. Hugh McDevitt

    Jon, let’s meet for coffee.

    Hugh (I guess Fort Wayne and San Jose are a little far apart.)

    Blessings on your ministry!


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