A treat

I remember masks. And costumes. And hiding who I was with the identity of someone else. Someone famous. Someone infamous. Someone cute or scary or popular.

Someone exactly not like me.

Me, looking like me, walking up to a door and asking for candy would never work. It breaks the rules of the October candy-begging holiday. And I’m pretty sure I never was cute enough to pull it off.

I’m guessing, though, that me, looking like me, walking up to God, results in the screen door being opened and me being welcomed in, past the basket of candy, into the dining room, to a wonderful table and plenty of chairs.

Sunday we read a story that Jesus told about two men who went to pray. The one prayed to himself (and everyone who could hear) about how awesome he was at being spiritual. The other stood to the side, head down, simply saying, “Have mercy on me, Lord, a sinner.”

Jesus said the second man, the one without the costume, went home in a conversational relationship with God.

As you watch the kids walk the streets tonight, faces covered, begging for sweets, smile. Feel the relief of being unmasked, uncostumed, with a God who invites you in.