Tiny acts.

So what can we do this Advent? How can we learn to live in hope and anticipation? Not through massive changes, perhaps, but certainly through tiny steps.

1. We can light a candle each morning and say, “God, as this tiny flame lights up the darkness, please light up my darkness.”

It’s a tiny act, but the movement and warmth of the flame can help us. As God can.

2. We can hold our coffee cup in the morning, before the screens, and we can say, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

3. We can look at a picture of the person that aggravates us most with their words and say, “God, make me aware of what you see in this person to love.”

As I wrote that, I thought about how much online focuses us on the words people say as they appear next to tiny photos. I wonder what would happen if we asked God to help us see the person behind the words.

4. We write out our to-do list, full of worries and obligations, and can say, “God, as I look at these worries, please make me aware of where you are.”


This is sort of the third in series. You can read about obligation and preparation.