A prayer for the third Sunday in Lent.


We are afraid.

We call it nervous. Or having an abundance of caution. Or being concerned for others.

And we know that maybe we shouldn’t feel this way. But it’s what we feel.

We are afraid.

We are afraid of what might happen to us.

We are afraid of what might happen to people we love.

We are afraid of not knowing what to do when everything is unsettled.

We are afraid of the people who are not afraid, who are not cautious, who mock us.

We are afraid.

God, you are the one who said “Fear not” every time you showed up in a fear-inspiring way. You are the one who said “Perfect love drives away fear.”

Hearing those as commands isn’t helpful.

But hearing those as promises does help.

Especially when we hear your tone of voice, not ours.

God, I ask for all of us that we will hear your quiet voice with more clarity than we hear the shouting all around us.

I ask for all of us that we will know your love in ways so real that fear starts to slip away.

I ask for each of us that you will offer us the peace that passes understanding, as we turn to you instead of our own understanding.

I ask that you will hold your fearful ones close.

Through Christ our Lord,