Walk with me today.

Nancy and I are walking again. She took some time off for healing. But we’re back. And it’s a helpful way to build connection and dissipate stress. Which is probably why she suggested “walk” for today’s word. This will feel more like a meander.

  • Each matters. Each step, each pause, each person, each conversation. I was thinking about the woman that Jesus talked with at the well, the conversations Jesus had with Martha. He stopped, made eye contact, responded to the words and the needs. And in noticing and talking with these women, and then making sure the conversations were handed on, the value of each person, each conversation was emphasized. On days when your schedule feels disrupted and you want to get back to normal, look into each conversation with each person you are having. And treasure it.
  • By the way, conversations can happen by text, by chat, by Zoom, across time zones, by email, by phone. When you read this sentence, who is the first person that comes to mind? Reach out.
  • Too many friends with too many funerals these days. (Kent, Georgana, Jeana). I want to share David’s story of his parents which was that sense of bittersweet that I see too often. As a woman told me last week, “I did everything I could for him, he did everything he could for me. I’m at peace about that.” I see that in David’s story.
  • The conversation with Nehemiah book is .99 on Kindle. People tell me that it’s a good read. I’ll let you decide. Since some of you have some spare time.
  • On Sunday, I shared a prayer here. I made it a simple video, too. “A Prayer for Uncertain Times.”
  • Did you reach out to that person?


God, we are walking very slowly right now,
hesitating to take the next step or any step,
uncertain about direction and distance and duration.
Give my friends courage and peace and wisdom.
Right now.
As they are thinking of a name.