A short sermon and a story of family loss.

The story of Lazarus being raised from the dead is also a story about two sisters talking to Jesus with honestly and loss in the hardest season of their life. It’s the story of disciples being a little fearful and then being resolute as they decided to follow Jesus into a dangerous area. It’s also the story of a man who didn’t make it.

I wrote a really short sermon about the story because it’s a long story.

For today’s homework, I suggest reading this sermon, then reading the story, then reading the sermon.

Here’s the story: John 11:1-45

Here’s the sermon:

Truly big tragedies happen in our lives.
We can argue.
We can doubt.
We can trust as far as we are able.
We can be devastated.
And Jesus is aware of how things are,
He is sensitive to how we are,
And he will act to bring God glory,
Even if we don’t understand the story.