A prayer for Palm Sunday.


We are anxious and nervous and a little bit bored.

We are anxious about how to pay our bills, how to save our jobs.

We are nervous about what we might catch, what our family might come down with.

We are bored because most of the things we used to do to fill our time are not possible.

And we are not certain who to trust.

People tell us that we’re going to make it. And we know that not all of us will make it.  Some of us will die.

People tell us that we’re all in this together, and we feel alone.

The numbers and the answers and the directions change every day, offered by people who we’re told to trust.

People tell us that you are in control, that you have a plan, that we’re supposed to just trust you.

And I want to tell them that when you told Jeremiah to tell the Israelite about your “plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future,” most of the people who heard that letter were going to be dead before it happened. Seventy years in Babylon.

And I want to remind all of us who think we have you figured out that on this day, you came in on a colt accompanied by cheers, and by Friday night you were dead, accompanied by jeers.

So God, we come to you this morning, I come to you this morning, not sure what to ask you. We could ask you to fix things, but you care more about people. We could ask you to keep people from dying, but you didn’t keep yourself from dying. We could ask you to save us, and you would. But it wouldn’t look like the saving we want.

God, help us understand the saving you offer. Help us know that you are present, God with us. Help us know you, help us trust you, help us love you, help us.

Through Christ our Lord.