No matter how small.

Here’s a cool thing about publishing. People can write the books that are needed and can publish them. And other people can buy them.

Some books are wildly popular because they can feed the dream of making lots of money or of learning how to game some system.

My friends don’t seem to know how to write those kind of books. They mostly know how to write helpful books about hard things. 

A few months ago, Dr Lee Warren published I’ve Seen The End of You, his book about how a physician, father, and follower of Jesus tests his faith, his training and his experience against each other.  (Here’s my review.) It’s not about gaming the system.

This weekend, Kristin and Patrick Riecke publish their first book together. It’s called No Matter How Small: Understanding Miscarriage and Stillbirth and it’s not about gaming any system either. But with as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage or stillbirth, and many pastors and friends and family members inexperienced in talking about the person that isn’t living any more, this book is needed.

Drawing on their own experience and their years in pastoral care, chaplaincy, and grief care, Kristen and Patrick tell three stories that draw us into the feelings of infant loss. And that show us what can and won’t help. They offer suggestions and comfort.

Those who know these stories from the inside can find strength and affirmation in knowing they are not alone. Those who want to come alongside those who are grieving will find ways to think.

I suppose I should offer a little disclaimer. This is the fourth in a series of books. My latest book, Giving a Life Meaning, is the third in that series. And Patrick and I work together. And Nancy and I have both read the book and have lived one version of this story.

And I should offer a warning. Don’t hand this book to someone and say, “i hear you are losing your baby. You should read this.” If you are tempted to say that, you better read it yourself first.

But I invite you to consider No Matter How Small: Understanding Miscarriage and Stillbirth for yourself or someone you know who you wish understood what you have gone through.

It’s available for Kindle preorder right now, and will be available in paperback on Sunday.