Small steps, a few words, add up.

I was going to do a big running thing in response to Rich’s Hope and Freedom Challenge for the 22 children he talked about yesterday.

Like the Quarantine Backyard Ultra (where you run four miles every hour on the hour) or the Little Dog Front Yard Challenge (where you run one mile every hour). They are cool and grueling. They are a way to get attention for fundraising.

Running with Andrew in
Grand Rapids.

“Pledge a dollar for every lap.”

Rich and Becky’s challenge, which includes runners and walkers in addition to riders, comes during the same time as my birthday and the 3000th post at It seemed fun to do something cool to raise funds for a group of kids who are growing up safe and loved and to mark a blogging milestone.

As I thought about creating a big event, I realized that big special events are not how you and I got to 3,000 posts. We got here by writing regularly and reading regularly and posting five or six days most weeks since January 2009. We’ll hit 3000 posts, about 900,000 words, give or take a few thousand, by July 16.

Daily actions, not big events.

That’s what happens in the care of these 22 kids, too. Every day someone feeds these kids, teaches them, loves them. Each day.

So instead of a big event for fundraising, I’ll let you know regularly about the opportunity to contribute to the Hope and Freedom Challenge.

My goal is $3000 by July 16, in honor of the 3000 posts at 300 words a day.

For me, it’s an example of how to be helpful in small and cumulative ways. Write some words and do it every day. Say some words of encouragement and do it every day. Make an extra loaf of bread, smile an extra time, every day.

I am, on the side, running 100 miles as part of the challenge. Not all at once, a few miles a day, most days. I’ll let you know how that’s going.

But I invite you to join me in caring for these 22 children, on the other side of the world, who you and I can support.

Here’s the link to the page: Project Rescue – Jon Swanson

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