A confident expectation.

My friend Rich Dixon is helping me out here, with posts that come just at the right time and just with the right challenge for me.

I have hope.

Maybe that’s not surprising from a guy who writes a lot about hope. The FREEDOM TOUR jersey and t-shirt proclaim HOPE CHANGES WHAT’S POSSIBLE.

But if I’m honest, I’ve felt awfully discouraged recently.

I deal with chronic depression, so hope isn’t my default setting. A chemical imbalance tells me to seek personal calamity in even the smallest external difficulty. I seem to naturally expect disaster just beyond the horizon. This unhealthy perception creates internal turmoil that’s out of scale with reality.

Hope isn’t my default setting. But, I have hope.

+ + +

There were some years a while ago when I worked awfully hard at messing up, hurting and alienating everyone who cared about me. Then one evening I heard a quiet whisper on a Colorado breeze. I sat on some steps in the darkness and told Jesus I was lonely and scared and tired of trying to fix things on my own.

In the movie, everything would have magically resolved. My problems would have evaporated in a happily-ever-after ending. You know that’s not how it works.

I learned that turning toward Jesus placed me on a different path. I learned He would travel with me, listen to me, answer the questions I’d asked for so long. I learned He’d celebrate and cry with me and that this different path led to a different life.

I learned that forgiveness and grace and second chances are real. I learned that God keeps His promises.

HOPE: a confident expectation about the future based on faith that God keeps His promises.

+ + +

When I first heard “Black lives matter” my reaction was “ALL lives matter.”

Then I listened, and learned. And repented. I’m grateful for a second chance to think and do what’s right.

I have hope.