“God. We Need You.”


Today’s post is different. 

I published a book this week that I like and I’m grateful for. 

If you are a regular here, you know I write prayers to offer each Sunday for the hospital and for you. I gathered a year of the Sunday prayers that you’ve seen here into a book.

I’m not sure how to market prayers, of course. “Pray this 47 times and you’ll get everything you want” isn’t something I endorse. And it’s not a book of how to pray. It’s more a book of how I’ve prayed. 

I know some people aren’t written prayer people at all. If I were bolder, I’d call them psalms, because many psalms are written-out prayers. That feels a little presumptive, though some of these prayers do quote from psalms and from the Old and New Testament readings of the particular Sunday. 

I’m guessing that this book might make a good gift for people you know who can’t find the words they need to talk to God. I’ll give some to people for that reason: “God and I talked about that once. Here’s what we said. Or at least what I said.” 

It may be a book to help you find the words you need some times. That’s actually why I write them, so that in the chaos of Sunday I can remember the reflections of the night before. 

And, if you are a liturgical kind of person (you know what that means if you are), you’ll find this book helpful in a couple years when year C in the lectionary comes around again. 

My friend Jen, whom I respect deeply about just about everything else, wrote, “Jon is a gifted writer, pastor, and chaplain. In God We Need You: A Year of Prayer in a Hospital Chapel, he combines his experience into a work of art that will be treasured by pastors and parishioners alike. Whether you’re looking for a resource to shepherd your congregation through a liturgical year or trying to find the words to pray yourself, Jon’s book will serve as your trusted shepherd & friend.” 

Anyway. The book is out. I’d be grateful if you look at it, more grateful if you buy it, still more grateful if you find it helpful. And if you have it already, I’d love a review. 


“God. We Need You.” A Year of Prayer in a Hospital Chapel.