A prayer for the seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We often tell you what we want.

Sometimes you ask us what we need.

Jesus, you asked a blind man what he wanted.

Lord, you asked Solomon what he wanted you to give him.

 But, we confess, we are often afraid to tell you what we want because we are afraid you will judge us. Or we are afraid that it won’t happen and you will look bad. Or we are sure that you won’t do it and we’ll be angry with you.

But the blind man was honest. He simply wanted to see.

And Solomon was honest. He wanted the wisdom to do the work you called him to do.

So God, help us to be honest in what we ask you to do.

You have commanded us to love one another. And we see more of others that makes us less want to love them than ever.

Would you give us your servants the wisdom to have insight into how to love? Would you give us the patience to wait out the pain?

You have told us through Paul that nothing can separate us from your love.

So, as we face difficulty, would you give us your servants the discernment we need to not blame you or fear your wrath? Would you help us see your frustration in the context of your love rather than your love in the context of some divine trap?

Would you help us be as honest with you as you are with us? And help us remember your love.



Reflecting on a text for today from 1 Kings 3:5-12.

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