Small acts, big change

My friend Rich Dixon is helping me out here, with posts that come just at the right time and just with the right challenge for me.


I believe you and I can change the world.

You most likely think that’s a pretty bold claim. Maybe you think it’s downright outrageous. I believe it’s God’s invitation to us.

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The FREEDOM TOUR team just completed COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR 2020. When it’s all tallied, our total fundraising will exceed $100,000. 

Let that sink in for a moment. In this most upside-down of seasons this crazy cause, aided by many of you through Jon’s 100-mile challenge, will support the kids at the HOME OF HOPE for an entire year. You’ve given a year of freedom from slavery and abuse. A year of safety and hope.

One might view this from a couple of perspectives. On one hand, it’s a tiny drop in the huge bucket of needs related to human trafficking. From that perspective we can’t possibly make a difference.

That’s not God’s view.

From His perspective, each life is precious. He created those 22 children one-at-a-time, in His image, and He loves them enough to send His son to die for each of them.

We’re attracted to big, flashy causes. We want to end hunger and stop human trafficking and save the world. Scripture offers a different path.

And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

God wants consistent, daily acts of humility and mercy. Every time we act justly, every time we see injustice and interrupt it, we move things a bit more in God’s direction.

I’m learning, over and over, that I don’t get to choose the results. The Kingdom, I think, is mostly about following Jesus and doing my best to do what’s right.

God asks us to do our best and trust Him for the outcome. When we do that, we advance His Kingdom.

And we change the world.

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