A prayer for the twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time


We think that we have it bad.

And we do, often, looking at us, looking in the moment. And I remind people often that we cannot compare grief.

That said, the world Moses was born into was pretty rough.

The government wanted him dead before he was born. The government wanted everyone like him dead before he was born. And yet you provided protection for him according to your desire to bring freedom to the captives.

When Paul talks to us at your direction about the faith and grace you have given each of us, I wonder whether any of us are rescued from death to be a Moses?

I confess that most often, I’m devoted to getting by.

Most often, I’m devoted more to maintaining my comfort than renewing my mind. And then I wonder why I’m so aware of inconveniences and annoyances.

God, today, as we think about your rescue of Moses to a life of challenge and waiting and wandering, help us think in new ways that will transform us so we can discern your will and work.

Help us to act in new ways that will offer help to those who need to be loved and served and lead and shown mercy.

Accept our sacrifice of ourselves, not being worthless, but as people who know they are loved.

Let us be used by you for the good of others and the glory of you.

As hard as that is to say and understand and do.

Through the model of Christ our Lord.



Reflecting Exodus 1 and Romans 12.