Yesterday we talked about fear and faith. Today, Rich Dixon keeps us thinking about that.

As a kid, I thought quicksand was about the creepiest, scariest thing a movie character could encounter.

Seems like it was always some eerie, remote jungle. One moment the guy’s walking along on a safe, solid path. Suddenly he’s mired in liquified soil, sinking slowly into oblivion, flailing helplessly for some sort of non-existent foothold.

For many of us, I’d guess 2020 might feel a bit like quicksand. Finances. Health. Employment. School. We were whistling along on this familiar, solid path. It’s like we turned a corner and suddenly there’s quicksand in areas that used to seem so stable and secure.

What are we supposed to do when solid ground becomes sinking sand?

Personally, this whole crazy season has helped me recognize how much I lean on the wrong stuff. I have good health insurance. My community’s relatively less impacted by COVID-19, and no one I know has died or become seriously ill. We were able to bob-and-weave through difficult circumstances to a successful FREEDOM TOUR 2020.

So – it’s all good, right?

It’s an illusion. In these circumstances I look around and realize how easily, and how quickly, the seemingly solid ground beneath my comfortable world can vanish. What would I do if I found myself in quicksand?

I spend a lot of time praying it doesn’t happen, asking Jesus to shore up inherently unstable ground. I wonder instead if I ought to seek more reliable footing.

Perhaps my conversations could center less on my desire for the illusion of stability. Maybe He and I might talk more about His promise that He’ll never allow me to flounder.

Quicksand is scary. It’s less scary when we know we won’t sink.

The way we deal with uncertainty says a lot about whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff. – Bob Goff

One thought on “Quicksand.

  1. David

    Thank you for that encouragement Rich. As someone who has experienced quicksand (on an offshore sandbar exposed at low tide where we landed to measure mega-ripples when I was a university student) I can confirm that it is scary and the first thing is not to panic (or flail about). But I reckon that sinking in quicksand is a lot less slower (more time to think) than sinking through the water as Peter did when he took his eyes off Jesus. But Jesus didn’t let me sink any further than he let Peter sink.


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