A prayer for the twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time.


on the beach

For the record, we would love to see a bush that burns without being consumed. Although we would have an explanation for it.

We would love to hear you talk to us, to tell us what you want from us, what we are supposed to do. We would love to hear you know us.

But, of course, we do know what you want us to do.

You want us to be devoted to one another. You want us to bless those who persecute us. You want us to feed our enemy instead of repaying his evil.

You want us to provoke peace instead of provoking people.

You want us to do what would be nearly impossible without your help.
So I ask you today to help us.

In the way that you helped Moses, help us.

In the way that you helped the disciples, help us.

Not by fixing everything, but by helping us love and care and follow you.

Through Christ our Lord



Reflecting Exodus 3 and Romans 12