I don’t know.

This month, we talking about talking with God (commonly known as praying). Today, Rich Dixon keeps us thinking about that.


“I don’t know how that works.”

My friend Dr. Dick Foth says it a lot. Foth is one of the wisest, smartest people I know. It’s not false modesty, just his way of acknowledging the mystery and wonder of following Jesus.

I used to think “I don’t know” meant weakness. I thought everything had to be explained, even if the explanation was human-created. Now I find comfort in knowing God is bigger than my mind.

So I study and do what I can to understand revelation. And I worship what is beyond anything I can possibly imagine. I do my best to resist the temptation to fill the gaps with my own inventions.

That’s how I understand prayer. I know a little, but mostly it’s a mystery.

I know it’s a conversation. I know Jesus did it a lot and left us some examples. I think His conversations with God were different than mine, yet very much the same.

He knows my needs before I ask, but asking matters. I know my prayers don’t change God, but I believe prayer can change things.

Fancy words don’t matter, because the Holy Spirit intercedes when my words don’t make sense. He already knows my thoughts, but somehow sharing them matters.

I don’t know how that works.

I can open an intimate, one-on-one line of communication with I AM who was, is, and always will be. He’ll always listen.

And He’ll always respond, but the response probably won’t take the form I expect on my desired timeline. Maybe He’ll nudge, or He might clobber me over the head. Perhaps He’ll speak through circumstances, or the words of a friend, or an unexpected interruption.

I know I need to pay attention with an open heart. I know I can’t understand completely. One day His responses will make perfect sense.

I don’t know how it works, and that’s okay.

He’s God. I’m not.