A prayer for the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time.


We want you to tell us what to do.

We want it as clear as a contract.

If we do this, you will do that.

If we eat this and abstain from that, you will do what we ask.

If we vote this way or support that one, you will make us great.

If we buy this or say that, you will make us more than those who don’t.

We confess.

We confess that we want to control you.

We confess that we want to believe without acting.

We confess that we want to act without believing.

We confess that we judge more than we forgive, that we overlook more than we forgive, that we want to make contracts with our forgiveness. And our love.

God, we confess that we are awful right now, those of us who call ourselves by your name.  

We are mean and rebellious and self-righteous and rude.

At least in our hearts, even if not in our mouths and our hands and our posture.

God, by your power, humble us. By your peace, heal us. By your presence, hold us.

Help us remember your forgiveness, always available, always offered, always needed by the best and the worst of us.

Help us be aware of your compassion,

help us be aware of you, each and all of us together.

We ask through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting Romans 14:1-12 and Matthew 18:21-35