A prayer for the first Sunday of Advent.


We are on this journey of Advent in a year that feels really rough.

It’s not the worst year ever. We know that objectively.

But when our ways of working and living and interacting have been disrupted, it’s hard to know where to stand, what to trust, what to assume will stay constant.

And so we turn to you. We light a candle today called “Hope” with the faint belief that this little light will somehow offer light in our lives and the lives of others.

May that be true



This is the beginning of the Advent journey in Giving a Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent 2020. I won’t put everything from that book here at 300. But today, at the beginning, it’s worth thinking about hope.

Hope is about confidence in an outcome we cannot see, a person with capacities we are confident in despite the current conditions, a trajectory that is true in time but not necessarily now.

Hope isn’t a wish.

In approaching a journey of longing and expectation, we need to know where we stand when we are starting.

Somewhere, on a scrap of paper, in a conversation with a friend, in a journal, list two or three things in which you have confidence at the moment, knowing of course, that this is a year where many things have changed.

You can start simple and small (like being confident that your chair isn’t going to collapse). You can get as large or complicated as you want. There isn’t a right answer to measure up to.

There is simply your description of where you are right now.