A prayer for the fourth Sunday of Advent.


We light a candle and call it “Joy”.

We would like it to be an act of delighted defiance of the darkness, laughing in the middle of the best attempts of the darkness to close us in, to shut us down.

But honestly? For some of us it’s more of a cynical smile.

What we know, though, is there are moments when we are aware of an inexpressible joy, when we have glimpses of something or someone or somewhere that reminds us that there is more than here and now. When we are reminded that you are with us always, and that presence is a window into the story that will come to be.

This day, this week, give us a glimpse.

We ask through you, Christ our Lord.



At the beginning of this journey together, we wrote down something that had turned out better than we expected. It may have taken some work, but we found it.

Today, someone somewhere in your circle is experiencing delight. Many people may not have that, but someone does. And that person or that family may be feeling a little guilty that they are experiencing delight when so many others are not.

Today, this week, reach out to that person with a word of affirmation.


From  Giving a Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent 2020. Learn more at 2020Advent.com.