Getting to the point.

What do I write about?

I have that thought often. And then I start writing.

But what do I turn to immediately after asking the question? Truth? Often to social media, to browse through a loop of things. which may not be the wisest place to turn for a blog that talks about following Jesus, 300 words at a time.

As I write this, a proverb came to mind: “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping your word.” Actually, because I’m old, the words that actually came to mind were these: “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to your word.”

In the old days, when I was first reading the Bible, the King James was the translation of choice. I was convinced that I could understand it. And I probably could, better than most people, because of the amount of reading of various kinds that I did, because I was a words person. So even when other translations and paraphrases were published, I could explain the differences, I could say why I liked this one rather than that.

By the way. Some of you are saying, “That’s not a proverb, that’s from Psalms.” Indeed it is. It is a proverbial statement, or a mantra, in the informal way we use that word. Or inspirational saying. It’s the kind of saying that could go on a wall, or be tucked into an email to a young person.

Because, of course, it’s not simply about young men. It’s about young persons, and maybe not just about young. Perhaps everyone needs to think about that question, the question about how to have clarity and focus and wholeness. How to have a purity of life, to be about one thing, to not have duplicity creep in.

And in all that discussion and qualifying and distration, it’s easy for me to miss the point.

“by keeping Your word.”