A prayer for the second Sunday after the Epiphany.


We’re pretty sleepy these days,

Maybe like Samuel, waking up to a whisper in the middle of the night.
We try to make sense of what we hear.
We try to make sense of who we hear.

Was it a voice in our dreams, echoing a scolding we heard last week or as a child?
Was it the voice of our child or loved one or someone else?
Was it our own voice or Netflex?

I think that our last option is you.
Because, like in Samuel’s time, there are so. Many. Voices.

God, Eli had the wisdom to point Samuel to your voice when he could have taken credit.
We are surrounded by people taking the credit for hearing from you.
Either you are conflicted and confused, or many people aren’t hearing you.

So today, in the chaos, our prayer is the simple prayer of a young man dedicated to you:
Speak, for your servants are listening.

Through Christ our Lord we ask.



Reflecting 1 Samuel 3:1-20