What does the world need to hear from you today? (or at least someone)

I turned to Nancy. We were sitting on the sofa eating a late supper after a longer than usual Sunday shift.

“What does the world need to hear from 300 on Monday,” I asked.

She suggested that I use something from my message on Sunday. Or just say, “It was a really hard day.” The former would take too long to develop. The latter feels a little self-indulgent. After all, you may have had a day like the patients I saw, or better, their families. In other words, a rough, confusing, unexpected day.

But I do like my question, mostly.

You will have opportunities to talk or write or type or text on Monday, February 8, 2021. What does the world, or your beloved, or a friend or two, or a coworker, or a client or patient or boss or child or neighbor or God or your mirror need to hear from you?

What tiny encouragement or permission or affirmation can you offer? What challenge or truth or apology can you speak?

What does someone need to hear from you today?

(The photo? It was written on the small whiteboard by the door of a nurse leader at our hospital. An example of a small encouragement.)


I offered a review of Jen Bradbury’s new book on Saturday. Called: A Novel about Youth Ministry Transitions could be what you need to hear if you are trying to figure out a sense of calling.

Another friend, Jennifer Littleford, is writing her way through the book of Psalms with thoughtful, researched explanations of each psalm. She teaches rather than preaches or platitudes.