A prayer for Transfiguration Sunday


We want to see you.
At the end of the bed, in the chair in the corner, over by the door, we would love to see you.
Just one clear glimpse of you.
Talking with us. Looking at us. Being with us.

We want to see you.

It might let us know that things will be okay, even though they are hard right now.
It might let us know that you know we are here, that you know how hard things are.
It might let us give you a piece of our mind, a lament, the pain of our heart.

Paul talks about your light shining in our hearts.
That light feels a million miles away for some of us, clouded by fear and uncertainty. It feels like there is no tunnel for the light to shine down.

But what I believe is that the light is there.
I will, we will, keep watching and longing.

If you help us, through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 and Mark 9:2-9