A memorable movie line

Today’s words from Rich Dixon invite us to reflect on the pictures we carry of God.


I’ve been talking to you about Lent, teaching, metaphors, and infinity.

A metaphor connects a difficult concept to a simpler, more familiar image. The trick is creating an engaging image or story that makes sense to students and helps them understand the new material.

Actually, there’s a second trick. Make sure students don’t confuse the metaphor with the real thing.

+ + +

In a memorable scene from the movie THE SHACK, Mack sits on the front porch talking to God (played by Octavia Spencer). Mack is angry, torn up inside about his daughter’s death. He makes a sarcastic comment about how God has time to hang out and enjoy a quiet conversation.

“Honey, you have no idea how much I’m doing right now.”

+ + +

I think a lot about that scene, about Mack’s anger and confusion and the incredibly calm, peaceful response. (Important reminder: a movie is a metaphor, and the metaphor’s not the real thing.)

I wonder if you’re like me. Even when I know better, I’m secretly pretty sure God sees only what I see, that He’s narrowly focused on me and my issues. It’s how my human brain operates.

Then I recall the quiet smile and the calm assurance from a familiar movie scene, and I’m reminded that right now, as you read this, the Trinity is working for good. They’re not worried. They’re not surprised. They’re not in a hurry.

It’s all going to turn out exactly as planned.

I don’t know how that works, which of course is the point. I’m not supposed to know. I’m supposed to trust that They know.

What’s a metaphor or image that helps you remember this truth?

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
    and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
    for those who love him.”

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