Just a word or two can help.

the corner of an envelope with a postage stamp

I’ve lived in thirteen different places since I was born – living at least one year in each place.

It’s hard to keep up with friends I’ve known across the years and miles.

It’s easy to long for a time when people lived in one place from birth till death. Family and friends were consistent for your whole life. I started to think that God may have intended life to be like that.

But then I thought of Paul in the Bible. He lived in several places. And after he moved on, he kept up with his friends by writing letters.

Today, letters are not the way most people communicate. (I still enjoy writing and sending letters, but I know that’s rare.)

But we do have emails. And phones.

Sometimes even just a small communication can show someone you don’t see regularly that you love and care for them.

So take a few minutes today (or tomorrow) and reach out to someone you haven’t in a while.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday. This post is a message from a couple years back.