A prayer for the fourth Sunday in Lent


The truth is, we feel like shoddy workmanship.
The truth is, we feel drained.
The truth is, we are uncertain about what’s next.
The truth is, we are crying out to you in our trouble and distress, like your people have before.

We know that bodies aren’t always healed. We know that relationships aren’t always fixed. We know that suffering and loss are part of life.
But we also know that you are rich in mercy and that you have great love for us and that we individually and together are your workmanship.

So God, today, would you send your word and heal us?

Would you rescue us from what feels like a pit?

Would you restore to us the joy of our salvation?

Would you give us your rest?
Would you, enough for today, give us peace and strength and courage and hope?

Would, today, help us see you?

We ask this, through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on Psalm 107, Ephesians 2:1-10, and twelve months of uncertainty.

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