A prayer for the second Sunday of Easter.


We are cautious.

At least many of us are.

Except maybe about what we like and share.

And even then we make choices more cautiously than people know.

We make decisions out of an abundance of caution.

We are cautiously optimistic.

We are cautious about who we trust or what we commit to do.

Because our hearts have been betrayed, our minds have been deceived.

And we aren’t going to let that happen again.

And so, when John writes us a letter and says, “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all,” we are cautious. Why should we trust John? Why should we trust anyone who says they are speaking for God right now?

Why should we trust you?

John said that he saw you and heard you and touched you.

You looked at him from the cross. You said his name and invited him to follow you. You grabbed his hand to help him climb over rocks, he helped you climb into the boat.

We guess that maybe that was true for him that he saw and heard and touched you. And even Thomas, who had questions, got to see and hear and touch you.

But we want it to be true for us, too.

We want to see you and hear you and touch you.

On this Sunday after Easter, we want what we can’t have in the way we want it.

God, would you help us see where our caution is fear, and give us courage.

Help us see where our caution is distrust, and help us trust you.

Help us see where our caution is pride, and forgive us our arrogance.

Help us see where our caution is discernment, and give us peace.

We ask because you invite us to ask, Jesus, in your name.