What’s it about?

Today’s question from Rich Dixon:


I’m an educator, not a theology guy.

I know a tiny bit about scripture. I hope I’m smart enough to ask questions when the water’s too deep for me.

These days I have a few friends I trust when something doesn’t make sense. Jon, of course, is one of them. Another is a retired – and admittedly a bit bored – pastor/preacher. John (different spelling, much taller) loved bringing the big story of the bible to life for his listeners. He misses the process of digging into scripture as he prepared a weekly message.

These days we have to be careful in casual conversations with John. He’s a good sport about it, but even a simple offhand question risks a 3-point response with embedded scriptural and cultural background.

While it’s a source of some good-natured jokes, I learn a lot from John’s deep knowledge and wisdom. I’m always grateful when he shares from that well of experience.

+ + +

Recently I read a blog post I didn’t understand. I sent it off to my sort-of-bored friend with a few questions. He responded, as I figured he would, with several paragraphs complete with scriptural references summarizing his perception of the “reformed theological position.”

John’s written sermonette was interesting and enlightening. He helped me understand the theological twists and turns in the article.

But then…he added a single sentence at the end. He said it was the best he could do to summarize a lifetime of following Jesus.

My friend, never at a loss for words, took life as a pastor’s kid, 12 years of Christian school, 4 years of Christian college, a seminary education, and 40+ years of experience as pastor and preacher – and distilled it all into five words.

“It’s all about love, baby.”

Might have been the most eloquent sermon he ever preached.

What do you think?

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