A prayer for the fifth Sunday of Easter


We are asking you for signs all the time.

We are asking you for directions, for plans, for meaning, for answers.

And you told Philip to go to a road in the desert that led to nowhere.

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that though it was an angel, it wasn’t a message written in the sky.

I’m guessing that it was a nudge, a thought that wouldn’t disappear, an awareness that he needed to go and that it was you that was making him aware.

And then he met a chariot with a man that was reading the exact passage of Isaiah that he knew how to explain. And so he did.

I wonder whether, when we are asking you for signs and direction and plans and meaning and answers, if we listen for nudges, if we are aware of thoughts that don’t disappear.

I wonder whether, when we are skimming all the information we skim, treat nudges as interesting ideas that mix into mush with all the other interesting ideas we see.

And I wonder how of often those nudges are about loving someone else.

Are you regularly giving us suggestions of ways we could show your love, based on your understanding of their needs right now, based on what they are asking you at this very moment?

If we responded like Philip and went to the desert road,

would we, could we, would you let us be the love that someone needs right now?

Would you let us be your coincidence?

Right now?

We’re listening, to you, Christ our Lord.