Sometimes thoughts aren’t 300 words long.

Some short thoughts.

  1. I wrote half a post on Psalm 77. It was about how we want formulas for so many parts of our lives, and this psalm suggests that formulas don’t work. I had written it based on one translation of verse 10. And then, as I was writing, I looked at another translation and read, “Then I said, “’it is my grief that the right hand of the Most High has changed.'” And now I have to spend more time than I have tonight to reflect on the idea, maybe, that sometimes God works on our grief.
  2. One dad I talked with recently was lamenting the time he hadn’t spent with an adult child, even thought they lived close. I suggested that it wasn’t unusual. But the deeper question is, are we content with the way that we are spending our time being aware of the people that we love, while we can still love them?
  3. There are some events that bring people to the hospital that are not life-threatening, but they are life-changing.
  4. On Saturday, I wrote this on Instagram: “Some of you know that I realized a few years ago that one of the things that gives me life is live choral music, unamplified if possible. Which mean that the fact that @fwccnancy works with the @fwcchoir is a blessing to my heart. So to be able to be part of recordings this year when so few of us could be in the room was a gift beyond what the singers know. Today, for the first time in 18 months, to hear them sing together, safely, was beyond words. And for it to include “For the Beauty of the Earth” arranged by John Rutter was life.”
  5. A few years ago, I wrote some conversations I had with Nehemiah, the person at the heart of the Bible book Nehemiah. If you want to interact with the Bible in a different way, it’s been helpful to some people.
  6. I’m tired. Peace.