The dancer or the dance?

Rich Dixon helps us think about decisions.


Becky would tell you I don’t like making decisions.

When she asks, “What would you like for dinner?” I’ve discovered that “Whatever you want” is apparently not #1 on the preferred list of answers.

As a writer, I’m a better editor. Give me some words, I’m pretty good at dissecting and critiquing. But choosing the words – that’s hard.

Riding bikes? You choose the route, I’ll help you improve it.

I love adaptive cruise control and voice GPS directions. I can’t wait for self-driving cars.

You get the idea.

+ + +

So my ears perked up when the speaker proclaimed, “God cares more about the decision maker than about the decision.”

Wait. Did she say God’s concern centers more on me than my choices? My mind started churning. I’m sure she said other important stuff after that, but I missed most of it.

I tapped out some thoughts. If I’m going to make claims about God’s character, I think it’s best to avoid simplistic generalizations.

  1. “…cares more…” is a statement of relative emphasis. It’s not God loves me so I can do whatever I want. The decision still matters.
  2. Perhaps some choices matter more than others. “Soup or salad?” might simply be a matter of opinion.
  3. I wonder if we make too much of what we perceive as the “big” decisions. I’m not so sure God thinks in terms of “big” and “small.” What if some of the big choices aren’t such a big deal, and some of the small ones change the world?
  4. The faithfulness of seemingly “small” decisions, day after day after day, often matters the most.

Regardless of any of that, God loves me – even when I make the wrong choice, or when I avoid choosing at all.

I can rest in that.