A prayer for the tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We are losing heart.

Our troubles feel heavy.

We feel like we are wasting away day by day.

We do not feel like Paul.

It’s possible, of course, that the trouble is that we are fixing our eyes on what we see. Arguments, catastrophes, deaths around the world and in our town and in our families.

Who wouldn’t notice those things? Who wouldn’t be troubled by those troubles?

We read Paul’s words and we feel condemned for not having a better attitude, guilty for being sad.

And yet, in our own city, three children and their mom were murdered this week, and it’s really hard to call those light and momentary troubles.


I think you need to help us understand.

We need to know that you aren’t abandoning the work of your hands.

We need help to not look to kings who would fight our battles.

We need help to look to you.

We need help.

We need you.

And the families of that family need your presence and peace.

We ask through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on Psalm 138, 1 Samuel 8, and 2 Corinthians 4:3-5:1