A prayer for the eleventh Sunday in ordinary time.


We often come to you cranky.

We often come to you worried and terrified.

We often come to you uncertain what you are going to be thinking about us when we come to you.

We forget that Samuel was worried about Saul and you said,

“Tell people that you are coming to talk to me.”

We forget how much Paul looked forward to seeing you,

even as he was working hard to please you in the meantime.

We forget that there are offerings to appease gods,

but that there are also offerings to please you, God.

We don’t have to worry about buying you off.

We can look for ways to give up our time and priorities and find delight in following your priorities with our time.

But God.

Our small actions seem useless compared to all that is wrong, compared to everyone else.

Others have bigger voices, more disposable income, greater popularity.

They are cooler and more confident and more blessed by you,

with health and wealth and power.

But God.

You have always planted small, subversive, unsuspicious seeds.

You pick the youngest son, the Christian killer, the servant who gave himself up to death.

May we, even today, be faithful more than significant,

be humble more than heroic,

be open to you.

And, help us know that the new creation has come.

We ask through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 and 2 Corinthians 5:6-17