Too busy.

Rich Dixon takes a moment out of his busy season.

It’s crazy season at FREEDOM TOUR headquarters – AKA our living room.

Happens every year. Our biggest event occurs next weekend. No matter how much pre-planning we do, a certain level of panic always sets in. “Trust God and freak out” seems to be our temporary motto.

We’re busy. And these days if we ask someone to help, we often get the “opportunity” to spend a few minutes listening to a semi-frantic litany of every event on their calendar – a recitation that often ends with “I’m too busy.” Don’t mean to sound insensitive, but they might have led with that and saved us both some time.

I get it. Everyone’s busy. As the pandemic slowly recedes, we’re all eager to resume in-person gatherings, family visits, and deferred vacations.

As I reflected on all this busyness, I realized I was considering sending Jon an email begging out of a couple of weeks of posts. I could just tell him all about crazy season. I’m too busy.

You hear it, right? Occasionally I amuse myself.

+ + +

“Busy” is an objective reality. We all have full calendars.

“Too busy” is a choice, a reflection of my priorities.

I made a commitment to Jon a while back to write here once a week. Of course he’d understand if I felt overwhelmed. [Editor’s note: indeed he would!]

“Too busy” is a decision about what’s most important. Or it’s an excuse to break a promise.

+ + +

According to math (and a Broadway song), we all get the same 525,600 minutes per year. Jesus won’t give us more minutes, but I can think of at least three things we might talk to Him about.

Help me order my priorities, and spend my minutes, wisely.

Help me to own my choices and not to use “too busy” as an excuse.

Help me rest. Because you made that a priority, too.