A small prayer for the fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We are here.

You are here, too.

Although that’s backwards.

You are here.

We are here, too.

For longer than I can remember,

longer than my parents could remember,

longer than any living person can remember,

You are here.

Before these buildings,

before any buildings,

before any person began building,

You are here.

Before my worries, as small as they are,

before any worries in this building as big as they are,

before any person began keeping notes,

You are here.

Not to shame us for failing to measure up.

Not to scold us for feeling pain.

Not to mock us for feeling alone.

You are here to remember us when we cannot remember ourselves.

You are here to invite us when we are rejected everywhere else.

You are here to forgive us when we cannot forgive ourselves or anyone else, for anything.

You are here.

Help us today,

right now,

to be aware of you.

Through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on 2 Samuel 6:1-19 and Ephesians 1:3-13