Stories without fires

Rich Dixon’s on the road again.


I love Jon’s simple image of Jesus and campfire stories.

The FREEDOM TOUR team will gather this weekend to ride bikes in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Four days, four passes, 21,000+ feet of climbing with 22 great people surrounded by 14,000 ft. peaks – what could be better than that?

Days are for cycling, evenings are for community. A meal, time to re-live the day’s conquests, an opportunity to re-charge, unwind, and connect.

No campfire…too much wildfire danger these days in the Colorado high country. But as the sun disappears and the day winds down we’ll convene around snacks. A quiet time in the mountain forest. A time to reflect.

I kind-of chuckle at our efforts over the years to assign weighty-sounding terminology to our evening time together. Bible study. Devotions. Testimonies.

Nothing wrong with any of that. I’m thinking about Jon’s description of how Jesus did it, and I’m wondering.

What if we just share our stories?

It’s risky. Lots safer to script something and make sure the time gets filled. Tougher to leave space, trust the Spirit to prompt us to share whatever connects us on a human level.

What if no one responds? What if they say something uncomfortable?

+ + +

Do you ever encounter this dilemma? You absolutely trust Jesus – until it’s time to trust Him for something simple and tangible. Something where you’re going to feel a bit foolish if it doesn’t work out. You’re tempted to grab the wheel and guide the outcome, because at least you’ll have some control.

Am I the only one?

+ + +

The fear, of course, is that I won’t get the outcome I want. But that’s not the promise. He never said I’d get my way, no matter how hard I try or how much I pray.

He said He’d be with us and use our efforts to build His Kingdom.

Seems like enough.