Remembering a reader

Most of you didn’t know Bev Grabill. But you were aware of her presence.

Many of us who write think about the people who are reading. When people ask God to give us wisdom, when people let us know that they are encouraged, when people let us know that they are having a hard time, it shapes the words we offer, both privately and publicly.

Bev has been a reader, supporter, and frequent affirmer since 2016. She died last week.


I’m not sure when I met Bev. My first remembrance is after her husband died in 2015.

However, I’ve known her daughter and family for since 2009 or so.

It may be that Bev and I first talked on the phone. When she came to Grabill, we’d get together. We corresponded. I sent her books (unless she bought them first).

There is a thoughtful obituary that you can read about the Bev that her family and friends knew.

Here’s what I knew about Bev. She grieved and she asked questions and she listened.

We have this sense, I think, that we grow up all the way. And then we understand everything. But that’s not true. When your husband of 60 years dies, there is much that you don’t understand, particularly about why your heart hurts so much. When you have lived a long time, you still have questions about God. When your body begins to fail, you still have questions.

So Bev and I talked from time to time. I offered perspective. But she couldn’t help thinking about encouraging me, too. In her eighties, she was reading and replying to these daily emails. And sending anniversary cards to Nancy and me.

I’ll let her close this post with her response to a post a year ago.

“Jon…….You’re allowed a nap……the lady who raised my brother and I ALWAYS had a nap after the evening meal before she went to bed…..I grew up with that and never thought too much about it (of course til later in life – ha) ……brought back good memories!!

Thanks again for the sharing each day……Blessings, Bev”

Thanks Bev. See you before long.