A prayer for the twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time


We are overwhelmed with fear, with rumor, with argument.

We are overwhelmed with death, with illness, with grief.

We are overwhelmed with weariness.

We are weary.

We have been told that we can talk with you all the time in every way.

But many of us are scarcely able to form clear requests.

We try.

You hear our frantic and feeble requests for help.

But we fear we are not being very clear and that you aren’t listening.

You are listening.

You are acting.
With tiny moments of hope in the darkest places you are speaking peace.

With tiny moments of understanding in the crankiest conversations you are offering forgiveness.

With tiny moments of wisdom you are helping us see the simple next step.

Sometimes it is toward rest rather than rancor.

Sometimes it is toward restraint rather than wrestling.

Somehow it is toward you.

Shield your people in Afghanistan from destruction.

Support your people in Haiti as they help.

Forgive your people from arrogant certainty and help us serve with our hands and our hearts, and, yes, with our humility.

Give us this day our daily bread.

May your will be done here as it is in heaven,

with power and perseverance and destruction of human pride.

And grant us your peace.

We ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.