A prayer when even mature people need help.

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We are anxious.

We are anxious to and anxious about.
We are longing to and longing for.
And we are, a little, dreading.

Then we read about Moses on a mountain with you.

You tell him you care.

And in the middle of the cloud of your presence, hearing the whispers of your voice, with the experience of eighty years of confirmations and affirmations and appearances and miracles, Moses still asks you for three things:
Show me your ways.
Go with us.
Show me your glory.

That could be a sermon, teaching about you. It could be a lecture, fostering a greater sense of obligation.
Instead it’s a prayer for today, with a quiet voice, that is a little anxious.
Show us your ways, please?
Go with us, please?
Show me your glory, please?

Through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on Exodus 33:12-23

From God. We Still Need You: A Year of Pandemic Prayer and Practice from a Hospital Chaplain