That’s actually not the right word, of course, for your workplace. It isn’t home, though we can talk about amount of time spent or degree of comfort or amount of welcome.

On Sunday, I was back at the hospital after 12 days not at the hospital, the longest gap for a long time.

About 7 hours into my 9 hours, I walked through one of our intensive care units on my way to a visit. It was shift change. There were twice as many coworkers as usual. Most were in one-on-one conversations, passing on information about the people in the room. Here’s what’s been working, here’s what the doctor is watching, here’s what will need to happen. None of them were paying attention to me.

As I walked by all these conversations, I got pretty emotional. It wasn’t the reminder of the hard conversations that happens (and had started to get a little worse recently). It was a gratefulness for these people and a gratefulness that I get to be part of this place and these lives.

It was still a day. I spent time in the ER. There were still evidences that humans are capable of bad choices, that injury still happens. But It was good to be back from our pilgrimage to the north.

Thanks for asking God for rest for us.

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