The Mackinac Bridge is about five miles long. The two towers extend 550 feet above the water level. It is safe to drive on. But if there is fog in the Straits of Mackinac, the towers disappear, and the roadway is gone.

It’s Monday, the Monday after many of us returned to Standard Time, the Monday, for many of us, after concerts and funerals and family gatherings and church services and arguments and reckonings and restorations. After life.

And for many of us, things are pretty foggy.

For some of us, the bridge is gone. But for many of us, the bridge is more reliable, more drivable, than the fog.

If you still have your bridge, keep driving. You’ll see through the fog.

If your bridge is gone, you have my permission to weep.

And, as I ask every night,

“Keep watch, dear Lord, with those who watch or work or weep this night.”

And this day.


(And, remember that it does take some time to adjust to the time change. Seriously.)