Rich Dixon talks about believing.


Advent – waiting for Jesus.

Do I really believe what I believe? It’s among my favorite questions, and a big reason the FREEDOM TOUR has partnered with Project Rescue since our first ride in 2013.

In 1999, David and Beth Grant were pastors/missionary directors with no thoughts about an organization dedicated to human trafficking. One late-night phone call changed everything.

A criminal trafficker “gave” thirteen castoff children to a pastor friend halfway around the globe. I’ve seen photos from the night they were rescued, sleepy, dazed, and confused, from their mothers’ filthy rooms in the brothel. This pastor had no way to care for thirteen toddler victims of trauma.

David and Beth found funding for staff, food, shelter, medical care, education, aftercare – everything these rejected children needed to grow and learn and become healthy, strong young men and women who’ve moved on to college and careers. I’ve seen those photos, too. All from one late-night phone call, one couple who believe what they believe.

From a single safe house, they’ve scaled to dozens of locations in an expanding global network. But they still work as Jesus did.

What does that mean? How does Project Rescue “rescue?”

They DON’T do Rambo, crashing in with guns blazing, dragging the helpless victims to safety. They don’t seek revenge against the hated criminals.

Instead, Project Rescue missionaries go to places you and I would avoid and follow Jesus’ command to love ALL of their neighbors. They form relationships – with the women, the kids, and the criminals. They comfort oppressed women with medical care, counseling, a place to rest. They provide day care.

Their long-term patience creates trust. When a mother wants a better life for her child, when a trafficker wants to dump an unwanted kid, they’re available.

It’s difficult, dirty, dangerous work in the shadowy margins of society. It’s where Jesus said we would find Him.

Advent – waiting for Jesus.

Do I really believe what I believe?