A prayer for the second Sunday of Advent


I want to pray what Paul prayed:
God, would you let their love grow in knowledge and wisdom more and more and more.

Knowledge of how and where you are working. Knowledge of the slow but sure ways your work is evident across generations. Knowledge of the real needs of others, not merely the ways they inconvenience me.

Wisdom of how to measure words and actions. Wisdom to not force answers. Wisdom to wait.

Because, God, the more our love grows in knowledge and wisdom, the more we can understand how to live.

It feels funny to talk about love growing wiser. We want it to grow more intense, to be more rich with emotion.

But maybe, we don’t understand love the way you do.

As we walk these hospital halls, as we sit in our living rooms, as we think of our families and friends and budgets, give us glimpses of your love for us. And help us grow in your love.

Through Christ our Lord.



reflecting on Philippians 1:3-11