I’ve got nothing.

There’s a lot happening around me these days. As a friend and I said yesterday, “change is hard, and some of it is good.”

I could write a bunch here, or run something from the past. There will be some learnings out of Monday, I think, when I have time to think. But at the moment, what I’d most like to do is to write just a little, and then go sit on the sofa with Nancy. And both fall asleep.

As my dad used to say, “I’ll take a nap before I go to bed.”

And that reflects two lessons from today.

  1. If it’s my own project, I can break the rules I set. Fewer than 300 words. Some adjusted project schedules. Have the freedom to adapt.
  2. Spend time with the ones you care about, when you have the opportunities.

Feel free to borrow either of those.


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