From Rich Dixon: A story about Jesus and parties:


Dad:   What did you talk about in Sunday school?

Kid:     We read a story where Jesus went to a wedding and turned water into wine.

Dad:   So, what do you learn from that story?

Kid:     If you’re having a wedding, you should invite Jesus!

+ + +

For many of us, it’s been a tough couple of years. The last thing we feel like doing is throwing a party.

God understands. Perhaps that’s one reason He created all those mandatory religious feasts. Regardless of circumstances, He wanted to highlight the importance of gratitude and remembering.

+ + +

I’ve told you about our cycling exploits to support kids rescued from human trafficking. We’re especially excited about FREEDOM TOUR 2022 because it’s our 10th anniversary!

Time to celebrate. Hats, balloons, cake, let’s have a big party. Let’s make this the best year ever!

See – I always get carried away. Of course we should celebrate. The party, the cake – let’s do it. As the kid reminded her dad, Jesus enjoys a party.

But let’s stay away from “best ever.” Let’s avoid the temptation to compare.

A great way to destroy something special is by comparing it to something else.

Comparing tells us this year can’t possibly be “good” because it’s worse than some other year. The memories aren’t worthwhile. Comparing encourages resentment rather than gratitude.

We’re going to celebrate our anniversary. We’ll remember nearly 1,000 cyclists.

We’ll thank Jesus for shared meals and laughter and deep friendships, for inspiring our community to donate more and $350,000 to the kids at the Home of Hope.

Remember. Be grateful. Don’t compare.

+ + +

The FREEDOM TOUR has a theme song. Our friend Kristen Orphan sings the beautiful song “Anyway” and perfectly captures our big dream.

Here’s a video with 10 years of gratitude and memories.