The arc is long.

A note about unbelief from my friend Rich Dixon


The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. ~ MLK

Our community cycles thousands of miles each year to bring hope and freedom to kids like Saloni. But – am I the only one who wonders if it matters, if our puny efforts make even a tiny dent in the enormous problem of global human trafficking?

+ + +

I read this sentence from Saloni’s story: “One auntie said, ‘You should have seen how we fought for her ten years ago.’” And I thought about the FREEDOM TOUR’S 10th anniversary.

You see it, right?

Ten years ago, we started this silly little bike ride and wondered where we could make a difference. Friends pointed us to Project Rescue’s Home of Hope. At about the same time, on the other side of the world, this group of faithful women brought a traumatized child to the Home of Home.

These women cared for and prayed for Saloni for a decade. During that same decade, we rode bikes. Before every ride we circled our bikes, raised our helmets, and prayed for kids we never met. Every single ride. For ten years.

And even though I KNEW better, I often wondered if it mattered.

Because I want Jesus to operate on MY schedule, at my scale. I don’t know why He doesn’t immediately free every victim of sexual slavery and stop a senseless invasion.

Here’s what I do know. For ten years, while I wondered whether the miles really changed anything, He was using our efforts to bring hope and freedom to a beautiful child named Salomi. He used our dollars and a group of faithful aunties to totally transform her life.

I’ve said many times, “Jesus uses and multiplies our efforts of faith and obedience in ways we’ll never understand.”

I believe. I need some help with my unbelief.