The Bible Tells Me So

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Walking slowly through Mark’s gospel, moving toward Easter, thinking about justice.

These days it seems I’m more acutely aware of the considerable gap between what the bible says and my interpretation of what the bible says. Or how Jesus wants me to follow Him and my interpretation of how Jesus wants me to follow Him.

Jon referenced this notion last week when he talked about rest and rules. He reminded me I’m not immune to reading ideas and commands into scripture that aren’t there. Sadly, I’m also not immune to the temptation to use the bible to judge, or to feel a bit superior. I’m not immune to the temptation to break out my favorite “clobber verse” to support my conclusion, to prove I’m right.

I try to avoid doing those things, but the temptation’s always right there.

So I’m trying to follow Pastor Jeff Lucas’ admonition to “major in the majors,” focusing on essentials like love God and love your neighbor. And I’m not going to offer a list, because then it’s about what’s on the list and who gets to make the list, and that’s a distraction.

I’m not a theology guy, but I’m comfortable zooming in on justice for the marginalized. I’m pretty sure that’s a “major.”

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Since Ash Wednesday I’ve tried to focus more intently on justice for victims of senseless violence. Saloni’s story. Tragic, needless, unprovoked war.

I know we’re called to do what we can for the victims. But as I write on a quiet morning in my safe, warm house, I wonder…

Am I doing what I can to flip the tables on systems of injustice? Or am I just kind of pecking at the edges because I’m comfortable in my privilege?

Jesus and I need to talk.

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