This space intentionally left (mostly) blank.

“I was feeling sorry for myself this morning,” the woman said.

She has chronic health issues. Her husband, the patient, has health issues that are affecting his short and long-term memory. She is thinking for two people, often. She heard this morning that a family member now has a hard diagnosis.

“You aren’t feeling sorry for yourself,” I said. “This really is hard.”

And I asked God for a number of things, including peace and wisdom.

It’s possible that you, and you, and you, aren’t feeling sorry for yourself. It’s possible that you aren’t failing, that you are measuring up just fine, that you are honestly and appropriately exhausted in every possible way.

And you need rest.

We heard this piece, “Come to me”, on Sunday night. This isn’t that performance. But it is that song. And watching this recording, remembering the grief and creativity and changes of the last couple years, and remembering an invitation from Jesus, may be one way for you to find some rest.


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