A prayer for the twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time. And some dads.


When Elijah was certain the whole world was against him, he ran away to the desert.

We understand Elijah.

When Elijah was certain that he would be pursued to his death, he asked you to take his life instead.

We understand Elijah.

When Elijah was certain that everything he had done didn’t count for anything, he left it behind.

We understand Elijah.

We are not just tired, God, we are weary.
We are not just uncertain, God, we are despairing.

We are not just wandering, God, we feel lost.

But we’re afraid, some of us, to admit all that for fear you will abandon us as failures.

But you gave Elijah food instead of a firing. Angel-baked flatbread for one.

You gave Elijah a snooze instead of slap on the hand.

You gave Elijah direction instead of discouragement.

You loved him enough to hear his complaint.

God, we need naps and breakfast and simple directions. Enough for today, at least. Enough for today.
We ask through Christ our Lord.